Behind the Stories: How to Succeed in Hyperlocal News

In this edi­tion of our ‘Behind the Sto­ries’ pod­cast, UConn Jour­nal­ism seniors Aman­da Cabral, Madi­son Geerlof and Ryley McGin­nis talked with the edi­tors of three thriv­ing hyper­local news web­sites in Con­necti­cut:  Doug Hardy of CT News JunkieRon­ni New­ton of, and Michael Dinan of the New Canaan­ite.

The most pop­u­lar hyper­local news sites focus on a spe­cif­ic town or region or beat. The key to run­ning a hyper­local news site, accord­ing to the Nie­man Jour­nal­ism Lab at Har­vard Uni­ver­si­ty, is to make con­tent very local, like the com­mu­ni­ty news­pa­pers that pre­ced­ed them.

Learn more about how these Con­necti­cut journalist/entrepreneurs have found suc­cess, often by them­selves or with only a small team.  The three edi­tors dis­cuss their typ­i­cal work­flow, explain how they find sto­ries and engage with their audi­ences, and pre­dict the future of their news sites.

Top pho­to, from left: Doug Hardy of CTNewsJunkie, Ron­ni New­ton of, Mike Dinan of NewCanaanite.

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